2015. One of the first Fridays of the year. 8 p.m. sharp. Teki Latex grabs a mic while opening titles of his weekly program OVERDRIVE INFINITY roll, streaming live from the state-of-the-art Dailymotion studios in Paris. Before introducing his guests, he thanks the audience for supporting what has grown over a year into the world’s most gorgeous DJ show thanks to a fantastic crew. Three minutes in, he must rush to his office to give interviews about his label SOUND PELLEGRINO’s fourth collective album, a new episode of the genre-encompassing odyssey, once again connecting like-minded artists from all over the globe. But let’s go back for a second: Julien Pradeyrol, child of the ‘80s with sensibilities forged by the explosion of synthetic instrumentation in pop music, of course video games and a genre-blind fascination for the futuristic. His heroes: Jacno, Lio, Duran Duran... then Rap. The first megastars of the genre start crossing over in the early ‘90s, heavily influencing him and laying foundations for his first artistic cycle. In 1997 he starts a Rap group with his cousin and a friend: TTC (for Teki Tido Cuizinier) start touring open mics in the Paris area, guesting on underground mixtapes and radio shows before releasing a debut 12” in 1999. Abstract lyrics, weird sounds. They immediately become ground zero of the French alt-Rap scene and pique the interest of Ninja Tune which sings them to its Rap branch Big Dada, establishing a first bridge between Teki and his British counterparts. 

Collaborations with Modeselektor, Anticon, and their casting of cutting-edge producers open a new portal of modern club Rap that simply didn’t exist before. This gives birth to INSTITUBES, an electronic label he co-Three albums are released—including the highly influential «Bâtards Sensibles», dubbed a “masterpiece” by Dazed & Confused—and extensive touring establish TTC as a major force of Rap and Electronica of the Aughties. founds in 2003 and first home to acts like Para One and Surkin. While the TTC’s final album has many pop cuts, Teki is working on his most radical effort, a colorful solo album produced by Chilly Gonzales and entirely made of pop songs, drawing inspiration from everything he loved about his youth. Disco, retro synths and heartfelt lyrics make «Party De Plaisir» (2007) a unique statement, with a cast including a rapping Feist, Philippe Katerine and culminating in a duo with none other than ‘80s megastar Lio: «Les Matins de Paris» is everywhere that year and Teki doing the rounds of all TV talk shows. Auto-tuned to the spades for aesthetic reasons, the album is also announcing a strong trend of the following years. Shortly after, Teki releases a counter-reaction to his own album: the violent Rap mixtape «Mes Pelures Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Fruits» a cult classic featuring his darkest words and beats to this date. Feeling his rapper years are coming to an end and strong of his years of A&Ring an electronic label, his informed and specific tastes in club music draw him to professional DJing. 

Although Teki has recorded many tracks for the label—including the underground hit «Dinosaurs With Guns» in 2010—and has guested on his friends’ albums (L-Vis 1990, Para One, Birdy Nam Nam, Feadz…). his greatest With his long-time accomplice Orgasmic he starts SOUND PELLEGRINO in 2009 as a digital arm of Institubes, made by DJs for DJs to reveal new talents and build bridges between the most exciting subgenres that the electronic landscape has to offer. Institubes closes in 2011 and Sound Pellegrino becomes an independent entity while evolving into one of the most esteemed electronic laboratories of today. Joy comes from his relentless delving into the creative possibilities of DJing repurposing very elemental material into three decks as his Pitchfork-lauded mix «Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed» testifies. After releasing to 40 one-offs and collaborative EPs, the label has started in 2013 a series of collective albums called «SND.PE» (short for “Sound Pellegrino”) curated by Teki & Orgasmic using the format as a platform championing emerging sounds, the label’s core artists and as a springboard for new talent. These albums have garnered accolades from press such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Mixmag, FACT, Resident Advisor, Les Inrockuptibles, the cover of leading electronic publication Tsugi and are now distributed by Universal Music France’s biggest label Barclay, confirming Teki’s vision and efforts as a justified long-term gamble.